Spanish-English bilingual training & consulting services

RHL Plastics is founded on the idea that partnerships are the foundation of a healthy industry. We believe in our core that people, work, and knowledge build the backbone of our industry and must be cared for and developed. Therefore we are always excited to collaborate with you on your ventures in a fair, transparent, dynamic, and engaging environment.

Interested in Mexico for injection molding?

We support companies looking to produce injection molded parts in Mexico. We specialize in injection molded products for a wide variety of industries such as medical, automotive, food & beverage and any other general industry. We help you find the best molding option, source molding companies, develop molding processes, introduce new products, optimize your current process, troubleshoot your molding issues and we do it all at your desired location.

Our bilingual team has the experience, knowledge, and resources to guide and assist you through your project, whether it's a new product or an existing one, we can work with you from its concept development to its final release.


Your success is our goal, as we aim to grow and improve with you contributing to thriving in today's complex industry. We have extensive on-field knowledge and experience in thermoplastics injection, liquid silicone, and compression molding, as well as extrusion processes that we are looking forward to a place at your disposal to help you build momentum on your endeavor, thrive, and grow more relevant.


Our consulting services will grant you the flexibility of deploying highly skilled and specialized personnel when and how you need it without having the fixed overhead cost and administrative burden. Be it for specific projects, problem-solving, or training to increase your knowledge base, we will respectfully adapt to your needs, structure, and culture.


Our team can help you prepare for the challenges, and obstacles, consider contingencies, prepare for them, and train for the incoming tasks. We can be with you during the strategic planning phase and leave the execution to you, be with you during the whole project, or periodically assist you on your strategic reviews, to help you steer the project to success.


We have a wide range of training options for all levels of your organization, from the operation, maintenance, process

development using scientific techniques, validations, project management, design to mold, SMED, and others. Our in-field experience acquired through multiple projects allows us to identify your needs and tailor custom programs that will get your team ready on time for the upcoming challenges

How can we help you?

Step-by-step guide and assistance from our certified Engineers

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